Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doll head for Etsy .....

today is Sunday .......
made a doll head
she's in my Etsy shop

I put her on Flickr too ...... I'm so upset with Flickr
I'm having weird annoying problems there ......... why do things that are okay have to change ?
NOW I don't enjoy Flickr
Are you on FLickr ?  I have an Apple computer ..... I wonder if it makes a difference what computer you have ?
tell me please if you are on there and if it's all working for you !
Thanks !!!!


Unknown said...

I am on Flickr, but havent added photo's since they changed their look. I also own a Mac. The clarity of the photo's is now quite amazing, but I am not adjusting(yet) to the new format. Your doll head is something else!!!! Love her expression !!! :-)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks Sandi for writing ... I still use the OLD uploader
I don't like two things > I have a bar across my photos where it says your photostream and favs
and .... I can't see all my favs
they just won't load up

and thanks for the compliment too !