Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hand painted rugs and Place Mats

**** this rug has sold ***** { thank you to C. and E.  in Pennsylvania }

 I have wanted to make a floor cloth for SO many years ...... The other night I remembered I had a prepared gessoed and cut floor cloth in my closet SOMEWHERE .  Yes Lisa I probably bought it in the eighties { ha ha }
so I found it ..... I turned over the edges , sewed the hem and painted away .
It was fun to do ,

****** this one is in my Etsy shop for sale

 so then I wanted to make another .... but I can't afford buying pre gessoed ones now .... so .... I washed a piece of a painter's canvas drop cloth  { it shrinks a lot } ...... then I cut and hemmed it , primed it both sides , and painted away .  Many coats of poly to finish it off

then I decided to try a pet place mat ...... so this is the drop cloth .... cut and hemmed and painted

 then ..... I decided making rugs from a drop cloth is way too much work .

so I went to Home Depot and bought vinyl/linoleum ....... cut it , primed it , painted it , a few coats of poly
this is a pet place mat

so then I made a birthday place mat........**** update > this duck party one has sold ****

these are large place mats

I wondered how it would work if I decoupaged one of my cats on it
it works just fine !
The balloons and background are hand painted . The cat is a print of my cat , decoupaged on ..... lots of coats of poly
I think this will hold up well ......... I'm going to use it in my house to make sure

so this is what I've been up to ............... I'm on a rug and place mat kick

thanks for stopping by


Ellen said...

I absolutely love them.....you have been so busy....they have made me smile :))
Bless you!

Cindi Myers said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading about all your hard work!
Everything looks so adorable.
I love the place mat idea.
When you say vinyl/linoleum are you talking about sheet vinyl for flooring?
Reading about all that hemming (sewing) sounded so time consuming and your are a genius with the vinyl idea!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Ellen ... thank you ! ...... God bless YOU too !!!!

thanks ......... yes ..... it's a big roll of vinyl sheet for floors, so easy to cut and paint on !

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Those rugs belong on the wall, they're gorgeous! I'd be scared to death to step on them. Perfect for a nursery wall!

Janine said...

Oh how wonderful!

Janine said...

Ok when are these going to be in the shop? I wanted a kitty mat and went to etsy and not one in sight!

Carole Reid said...

Brilliant Sandy! You and the ideas!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks !!!!!!
Janine .... I will ..... eventually .......I have to decide on prices and sizes ..... just trying to have fun right now , and not think about selling yet

Janine said...

I understand Sandy! I have to be that way too a lot! Gives me time to save up money anyway!

Hope you are well!

Paper rainbow said...

Wow! Lovely to have found you!! I too have always wanted to make an oilcloth, perhaps I should give the placemat a go.. anyway I love your sweet little kitty, infact all your work is delightful! I shall be back!! :)

Robin Kent said...

These are so full of life! You have been busy, to say the least. Dolls, painted furniture, area rugs and placemats-you'll have the whole house created with your magical touch. Wonderful.

canngil said...

wow, sandy!! you are doing some amazing stuff! Love the big rug!! how about some larger canvasses with fancy pictures like these??