Sunday, June 30, 2013

A boy and his Rat [ sold ]

 here you see " A boy and his Rat " propped up in my front window .  I like to walk around the whole house and take photos in different places . I like seeing something weird in an unusual spot ... of course my whole house has weird stuff , so it all blends in .

 here they are on the wall

this is so you can see the thickness .  It's not " real " heavy ....... this is painted on 1/4 inch thick MDF board , which I love because it will not warp
I used acrylics , and many many layers of Inktense ...... paint it , lift off paint , sand , repaint ..... ah .... until it just looks right
I will be putting this in my shop this week
but I was just excited to post it here today .
have a happy Sunday !

**** Update ***** A boy and his rat has just sold ...... thank you


Cindi Myers said...

Is that Willard?

I've switched over to Bloglovin now since Google reader will be gone tomorrow and I just noticed that this post was not on my "reading list" for Blogger but it IS on Bloglovin!
Ah oh! I think the change has begun!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cindi
Thanks so much ........ I hate changes , thank you for letting me know

Priti Lisa said...

I ♥ YOU!
I wish I would be more mindful...I missed the last post that I especially wanted. I missed many posts actually...I seem to hate computer-ing...
if you ever paint another, PLEASE let me know Sandy.
You always make me happy.

Sandy Mastroni said...

okay Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I do so love a boy and his rat. Too cool!

Robin Kent said...

There's nothing like love of a rat. Pretty intelligent creatures. Must say he's a pretty handsome one here. You do him proud. They look very happy together.

Always love your work. You're a true original! Will have to remember to try MDF again...after I run out of wood!

PS: I've been passing the chalk paint recipe around. Seems to be a hot topic. Thanks for the info.