Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest and other things too

 There's other things to do besides painting , but I haven't done much else besides paint lately.  I look on Pinterest and I get inspired ....... here's my Pinterest
I get so inspired even for silly little things like my Aunt Jemima syrup bottle . When I saw this on Pinterest I ran to the basement and found my old syrup bottle , filled it with dish liquid and used a pump top from a hand lotion bottle

and then there was the ladder for the garden idea . OH .... I ran outside to see if I had one behind the garage . There it was .... my father's old wood ladder ..... so now it's in my back yard

and of course my obsession with Quinoa ..... it all started with quinoa spinach patties { with Panko ! ]
and then Quinoa stuffed peppers , quinoa meat loaf , quinoa in soups too

 back to my yard ..... here's these poor little plants , never planted , just plopped them down and went back to work { painting }

and this very cool antique wall planter ..... looks great with plastic containers in it { sarcasm }

and here's Buddy saying hello !

 This is a place mat that I painted for my friend Marsha ..... for her Mimi cat

I've been making fabric hearts again ...... these two are in my Etsy shop

also in my Etsy shop now ..... this fancy cat mat ...... { Honey West cat }......

*** update > this white fancy cat has just sold ***** { thank you ! }

I have some of the others [ from my last post } in my shop now too

It's been raining and raining ...... Unbelievable isn't it ! .......but I don't mind
Rainy Days and Mondays always make me SMILE


Cindi Myers said...

I love Pinterest.
You have been so busy creating!
I especially love the pet mats.
I have been just working my day job and then out in the yard. I wish there was more hours in the day to do everything I want to do AND I wish I had the ability to "re-boot" my energy the I have in the morning but not at 4:00 in the afternoon.
I do love seeing all your creations! Now go plant those poor little plants! ha! ha!

Robin Kent said...

Love your placemats Big Time!
I haven't seen/tried pinterest yet. I can tell from you it's a great inspiration site though! I need more time!
Gardening is something, like piano practice, that shows how much time is spent on it. I'm thinking of what to plant to make a laissez faire garden here instead of a weed garden. Hmmm mayne on pinterest?!