Saturday, June 26, 2010

Printer's Tray

When I was cleaning my basement , I found my old printer's tray . and then a few nights ago I found a great blog called Boxwood cottage .
On her blog is a printer's tray that she [Carol ] fixed up !
so > she inspired me to do mine
I took out some of the slats , too many tiny openings for me .

Make sure you check out the other photos below so you can see it finished with all kinds of things in the tray , I had to post it all in separate posts or else I would get all confused .
below you can see more photos !
it was fun to go shopping in my own house.


Meg Mitchell said...

What a great place to hold all your treasures Sandy. I loved looking at all the things you have collected and made. Went to the Boxwood blog and I can see why you were so attracted ... you two are kindred spirits.
Keep creating ... fun to see what you will come up with next.

Cindi Myers said...

Gawd Darn It! I just passed up one of those trays at Goodwill.
Guess I'll run back out there and see if it's still there. What a great idea! That would be SO cool for my kitchen which is WHITE (big surprise there) and black and brown and gold and silver. I could put little spices and little salt and peppers shakers among my collection of weird!
I liked Boxwood's little shop. Someday I want a little shop. I have a basement full of "fixtures" that I've been collecting. I also have a spot picked out. It's about 10 blocks from my house, I could actually ride my bike there! Ha!
It's a hair salon place now, I went in one day and asked if they took walk-ins and they cut my hair on the spot. I really just wanted to scope out the joint and maybe they sensed it cuz my hair looked like H. E. DOUBLE L!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Meg
I love Boxwood cottage blog > her place is so pretty

and Cindi > I ALMOST got rid of that Printer's Tray when I was on a cleaning binge in the basement
I'm happy I didn't get rid of it now
Let me know when you open a little shop ... Hey it can happen !

Ronnie said...

PERFECT! What a great way to display all those tiny important memories.
Joe calls this stuff Mem-or-AB-lee-ah. I love memorabilia too. I have stuff in glass jars. But shaking to see what you have isn't too good.

Edie said...

I love the idea of 'shopping in your own house'~maybe that will make it easier for me to go through my own (piles and piles) of junk, if I think of it that way!

Your tray turned out great, and the Boxwood blog is indeed inspiring. I wish I was so well-organized.

sMacThoughts said...

All so great! Mr. Polkadot kitty is my favorite. Well... his frame is the polkadotted one, but still. You know what I mean!