Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kitty painting...... sold

I think I'm losing my mind because I'm so hot ,
BELOW is info on this painting
and click to enalrge
I mean .... click to enlarge
Oh dear


Diane Hoeptner said...

Beautiful, Sandy! You've been busy! I think you should paint too.

Cindi Myers said...

Sandy, come to the dark side...get some window air-conditioners...I'm so glad that I finally did, sure our youthful dewy skin will have all the moisture sucked out of it but at least you will be cool and comfortable! and eventually wrinkly...tee hee!
Love the black cat painting (of course!)

Meg Mitchell said...

Love the chair .... I love chairs in paintings. And of course, the beautiful black cat reminds me of my lovely old friend Johnson.

Sea Angels said...

This is a gorgeous picture.....take a break with a nice cool drink and I will envy your weather from a distance...
Hugs Lynn xxx

Susan said...

I crank my AC up starting in May and keep it running until September. My art area downstairs is not cooled, but the fan keeps me from going crazy with the heat. I grew up without AC so I can totally relate. I agree it certainly is a lovely picture. Try to stay cool and enjoy the upcoming weekend. Maybe you could rig up a string and a fan in Jerry's hand, connect it to a foot pedal and have him fan you whilst you paint. Well, it's an idea, anyway.