Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Depot enamel paint...LOVE it

I hate summer , I hate hot , I hate sweat . and all the stores were hot , the grocery store and Home Depot ..... very stuffy and hot ......BUT
I got happy today because I went to HOME DEPOT and bought these little jars of paint
CLICK to enlarge photo .
I LOVE these paints . It is a flat enamel paint , covers really well .
If you want shine you'll have to put a polyurethane on .
AND these only cost $ 2.94 each .
SO many colors to choose from .
I just wanted to share this with you , Try them ! Let me know what you think !


NanaBeast said...

These are great colors. Are you painting your house inside or out and experimenting with these colors? Or are they for ART?

Cindi Myers said...

Ohhh! GOOD idea, I am always picking up GALLONS of mis-tinted paint for like $5.00 but that's alot of paint and you have to just hope for some good colors!
Also I see that it's the primer/paint stuff...good stuff. should coat everything without priming!
Thanks for the idea!

Cathy said...

Love those gorgeous colours Sandy. Makes me want to get my paintbrush out and start immediately.

Priti Lisa said...

Yum, I can smell them from here! I LOVE Behr paint...what are YOU doing with them???
I like your colors. But I'm on that electric blue and turquoise habit right now.
Wish we had Home Depot closer.
The pussy Lowe's is right down the street, I hate that store.

canngil said...

pretty colors! I love bright things! but what are you going to paint?

Sandy Mastroni said...

I am painting ..... FRAMES !

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Those colors are so happy! And you're painting frames with them? How fun!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

PS. My youngest was once asked, "What's your favorite smell in the whole wide world." You know what he said? Home Depot. And his 2nd favorite? A freshly painted room.
He makes me shake my head sometimes. :)

Meg Mitchell said...

Now, that would be a fun collection. I understand buying lots of little jars of beautiful paint. I love to paint old furniture from my garage sale finds and having lots of colors to choose from would make the job even more fun. Thanks for the heads up and thank you to Home Depot.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
oh what gorgeous colors!
what are you going to make?

m & e

suze said...

Im with you on the heat thing..I'm in El Paso and it's triple digits all week. I just zaps me out.
Love the new fun new things to play with...Home Depot here I come.

Ronnie said...

This is a brilliant idea, Sandy. And cheap too. I must go Home Depot.

Lydia said...

luscious. I want to buy some:)