Sunday, November 1, 2009

the winner of the halloween giveaway is .....

Lisa of Priti Studio

THANK you to everyone that left a comment . Thank you to everyone that visits here !
I really love to hear form you . Thank you so much !

P.S. .... Jerry ate too much candy . He didn't feel up to drawing the name or being photographed .
He'll be fine . [ Snickers ]


Lydia said...

Hi- Above the posting area where it says font, and to the right of the T on this bar above where you post is like a steering wheel or something on top of a green area. Click on this green area and the http box comes up. Put your mouse there, click, and type in the url. Then press done or ok. When you post , just check the link.

Just ask me, I have a Mac. You will love it!!!

Lydia said...

If the link is not correct-ie, typed in incorrectly, just redo it.

Priti Lisa said...

Sandy!!! I am over the moon about finally getting a new ashtray!


Just kidding, I don't think I would even put crappy candy in it :)
I am emailing you in one minute,
Lucky Lisa

Sandy Mastroni said...

Dear Lydia > You are a doll to tell me how to do a link .... I did it ! YAY
Thank you.
and Lisa
ha ha ,,,,,,, you are funny
I'm glad you won
I'll send it out this week