Sunday, November 1, 2009

new pillow....Click to see LARGE

I love fabric, love old buttons , old bits of lace , frayed edges ....
I made a new pillow this week.

bunny girl pillow .
click the photos to see the detail.

what do you think ? Please tell me as I want to keep doing this .... my plan is to redo my Etsy shop soon, with all new pillows and dolls.....
unless I get sidetracked by book pages .

I can't seem to stay focused.


NanaBeast said...

C U T E!
So sorry I missed the give away. Now that the grandsons are gone I am catching up on my blog reading. Hopefully I'll catch the NEXT give away.

Try alternating between book pages and pillows and feed your muse that way?

thebabykitties said...


Priti Lisa said...

I can't stay focused either :(
Iwant to do everything I think of..
I get excited, tell my family of friends...blank stares(which are better than rolled eyes) I try what I thought, imagined, but the magic is gone.

I have so many ideas zooming around
and...whatever, long story, short attention span. My fault, actually
Love, Lisa

Kelly Lish said...

It is the sweetest thing ever! And the colors are so warm and comforting. Just beautiful!

Cathy said...

Hi Sandy, don't worry about not staying focused. You produce the most gorgeous work anyway. That pillow is really lovely. So many vintagey bits and pieces. I love old bits of textile, buttons and lace too.

Beverly Kaye said...

This pillow is stunning! Call the interior decorators and let them know you exist. But raise the prices as they will charge their clients a bundle for work this exquisite!
Or put them in a bag, get to Westport and show them to one of the speciality shops there....same result!

sMacThoughts said...

It's wonderful, Sandy!

Meg Mitchell said...

Lovely little pillow. Do what makes your heart soar.

Theresa said...

You should keep doing these pillows. I love them...and the last one you posted about is fantastic too. I also love your book pages too... LOL... I know I'm no help am I.