Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had big plans for today .... all kinds of ideas but I woke up in PAIN .... oh my gosh .... It felt like there was a knife in my back . It dropped me to my knees in pain four times but then I dropped to my knees in prayer ....and He touched me . ...now at midnight I am feeling better . Of course husband gave me the half a minute back massage .... " Feel Better ? " and he's on his way out the door . ha ha
but he helped me clean up after dinner and he 'felt bad ' for me .
I made these bookmarks last week
Do you call them bookmarks or book markers ?
You use a book marker to book mark your page ?
Oh .... I don't know .


Priti Lisa said...

I Love them...I made bookmark(er)s?
too. I put them in someone's shop and when I went back, oodles were missing, but I only made $5. Weird.

I would list them on etsy...but I don't seem to sell anything there.

I wonder why the knife in your back? I am glad you have such a good caretaker, he sounds like he has the magic touch, LOL.
Feel better quickly, my friend.
xox, Lisa

Susan said...

Oh no, back pain is the worst. If you can stand it, put an ice pack or a back of frozen veggies on your back. Cold packs helped me so much better than warm. Take it easy and don't forget and make any sudden moves. I think the little girls look like paper dolls. Why not draw clothes with tabs on a sheet of paper and sell them like that. I think that would be such a hit, you would be surprised. There is a huge resurgence in paper dolls. Take care and take it easy. Happy Thanksgiving. Susan

Lydia said...

I love these! I call them book marks. I think you can call them either way.Book marker seems to make sense, but it sounds strange to my ears. Of course they are gone, so I didn't see them in your Etsy shop.

How is your back? Have you been to the chiropractor's yet?

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks Lisa ! and thanks Susan , maybe I will try your idea !
Thank you Lydia ! I was too lazy to put them in my Etsy shop

Thank you for asking about my shoulder pain

It was a very bad pain and I think most people would run to the doctors but I run to the Lord first
Today I was SO SO much better
what should have lasted a week is gone now
and I thank and praise God for touching me .