Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween dish GIVE AWAY

I think it's time to give something away !
This is a little flower pot saucer that I painted and then I sculpted a little pumpkin guy with polymer clay .
Please leave a comment !
Tell your friends too
I'll draw a name in a few days
Happy Halloween


suze said...

Oh Boy! I get to be first in line.
Happy Halloween Sandy. Is Jerry handing out candy?

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Suze ....I should take Jerry out trick or treating
I'm glad you came by .... where is everybody ?
maybe making halloween costumes ?

Priti Lisa said...

Everybody can't believe you are giving away fine art, Sandy.
Your Kittie has the same expression I see so many times on my Mini's face.
I think it means: "why are you carrying that piece of crap around?
I am the one you love"
Xox, Lisa

Nathan's Hangout said...

Hi Sandy, I just love your stuff! I just bought your poseable halloween people from etsy. Got them the other day in the mail. Thank you so much. They are wonderful. Even the extra you threw in. Debbie Miller

Susan said...

Happy Halloween Sandy! I think it would be a hoot if you took Jerry out. Stay safe and don't eat too much candy! Susan.