Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bookmark Give away

I had taken a few days off to clean !
But I couldn't stand much more cleaning .....
so today I made cat bookmarks .
I'm in the mood for another give away .
Please leave a comment .
If you don't have a google account , email me and I will include your name .
I'll ask Jerry to pick THREE names in a few days .
Please tell your friends ... I would love to have more people come and visit my blog !


Diane Hoeptner said...

SO ADORABLE!! Yes, please. You rock, Sandy!

Linda O'Neill said...

Count me in!

Have to say...your last blog post was hysterical!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
oh i LOVE them!
i hope i win!

Theresa said...

These bookmarks are loaded with sweetness... they're so adorable!!!! Oh... I hope I'm lucky!!! :)

Big Bear Hugs,


Sue said...

I found your blog thru someone else's. I love your art work, all of it! Sue

Maria said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed! Love them!

Ronnie said...

I just spent a few minutes going back a few day in your blog. I am AMAZED that you are a self taught artist and I'm thrilled for you that you were chosen by the gallery. They KNOW a good thing when they see it.
Throw me in that briar patch for a chance at your kitty. I'll mention you and add your link on my blog in the morning.

Bev said...

The book marks are so cut. Seeing as I have three kittys I would love to win. You can keep the snow. We have to much of it. It is God beautiful gift but I will take wild flowers anyday.

aliceinparis said...

Hi Ho, Ronnie sent me your way:)
Your work is quirky and adorable!!!

Leslie Rubio said...

Sandy-I came to your site through Ronnie's link on her blog. So glad she told me about you as I have just read the last 4 posts and love them all. I will come back later to read more, but must get back to work-yup, gotta pay the bills.

Your work is wonderful-self taught or not-all are beautiful expressions of your creativity!

Thanks for sharing and come visit me sometime.

Congrats on getting in the show! You should be proud!
Lots of love,

Tara's Art Camp said...

ooooh, I'm here!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I LOVE your work! So good to have found you!

Anne Dayton said...

Those are awesome! Pick me!

suze said...

Oh yes! Count me in! I am a lover of both your art AND kitties.
Will spread the word for you on tomorrows blog. I am also having a give away for my 400th post.
xo suze

bo betsy said...

wow, sandy! your readership has blossomed! (is readership a word?) the bookmarks are just perfectly adorable. nice of you to celebrate your cleaning with a giveaway! too fun! yay for you!

JoAnn said...

I just love your work.
The Kitty book marks are so adorable! I am an avid reader and share my home with a wonderful SPCA Alum named Zoe; who is very much a "Princess". She is truly the cat's meow and my very best friend.
Stay Warm!

cathychhetri said...

I thought the cat had three legs, then I realized it was a tail...Really nice bookmark....

maija said...

Oh... they're so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love your art work. These sweet cats are little darlings!
Love to be counted in aswell. Thank you so much!