Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heidi Shaulis art

A few years ago , I discovered paintings by Heidi Shaulis.
I had horribly slow, PAINFULLY slow Web TV , but I would sit and wait for her paintings to appear on my TV screen . It was worth the wait . I admire her work so much . then ... somehow she found me and it made me so happy that she wanted MY clock for HER studio
She has a beautiful studio that her husband built for her .
It's so much fun ... I love how we have all become friends through Etsy and our blogs .
Visit Heidi's blog and then make sure to visit her Etsy shop too !
Thank you Heidi !!! It's a pleasure to know you !


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
how fun! it is always great to meet new friends! i love heidi's work and your clock looks perfect in her studio!

Heidi Shaulis said...

How sweet of you! I love all your work and will be watching to see what's new.
warmest wishes,

Theresa said...

I'm so glad you featured Heidi's work... I've had her in my Etsy favorites for sometime now. She does great kitties just like someone else I know. ;)

Have a Happy New Year!!!!



Anonymous said...

I had a cat that looked just like this, except she was a manx cat. Her name was Moggie. She was lovely.

I love Heidi's work, I joined her facebook group, you should too ... I have one as well.

Ronnie said...

Hey! Thanks for introducing us to Heidi. Wonderful how this blogging works. Lord knows if or when I would have found you or her!
Now I am inspired to show off your clock girl in my not as unique studio. I spent yesterday fluffing it up and sat in the comfy chair under your clock to admire my work. THen dumb me couldn't figure out where the tink tink tink was coming from...looked up and smiled at my green eyed girl ticking away dutifully above my head.

Cathy said...

Hi Sandy, just thought I would pop in to wish you a ginormously happy New Year and lots of good things to come for 2009.

marianne said...

So nice she bought your clock and that you found her again in such a nice way!
Her art and blog are bery nice!