Friday, December 12, 2008

Jerry's shoes

Last night I said to Jerry :
'Jerry , you need SHOES ! '
and as soon as I said it ,
I remembered.... somewhere... in my house .... someplace
my very first pair of baby shoes!

I found them !
They fit him perfectly


cathychhetri said...

I'm so happy to see that you finally put shoes on Jerry...They look a little big to be your first pair of baby shoes....Are you sure they aren't your first pair of gym shoes from Bunnell????

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
oh how wonderful!
you make me smile!

Ronnie said...

I'm afraid he's gonna start walking.

Anonymous said...

I love his shoes! Although, what do they say about white after labor day? Or does that not apply anymore?

Poppy said...

I think he needs a pair of Chuck Taylors. Love the shoes, I bet his feet were cold.

Jill in Florida

Cathy said...

Lovely giveaway Sandy. They are so pretty. Congrats to the lucky winners. I love Jerry and he looks great in your shoes. I notice they are bright, sparkling white so I hope he won't get them too dirty too quickly. We never had white shoes as kids for that