Friday, December 26, 2008

a little history , and plans for 2009

In 1980 ..... I discovered 'Sculpey'. It was a brand new product . I must have bought the first box !
It seems so long ago now .
I sculpted HUNDREDS , HUNDREDS of characters . all kinds of animals and people .
They were sold at shows, in many gift shops ,even in catalogs . There were two shops in Boston that sold my work in their shops and catalog. [ Bear Necessities and Hog Wild ]

Then a company took my work and had it reproduced in China, distributing all over the U.S.
But I was not happy with the reproduction of my work .[.... remember , that was back in the eighties] that was a disappointment .... and my fingers were getting tired .
so I picked up my paintbrush again. I'm so happy to have my paintings in impressive galleries and also have an Etsy shop.... I want to thank everyone who has bought my work and for all of your support and love.
SO >>>>> I am adding new work to my Etsy shop >>>>>>>>>> .......... and I am planning to pull out the polymer clay again. Here you can see two of my sculpted characters AND also a book box .
The rabbit and book box sold right away but I will be making more ! I'm also planning on doing more give aways in 2009 .
Thanks for looking. Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year everybody !


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
oh! i love your new pieces and your sculptures!
your parakeet painting lloks like my very first pet, sweetie.

is it possible to order two magnets in this image?

you are so talented! i love all of your work!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so interesting. I had no idea. I love your clay stuff ... you are just full of surprises!

Ronnie said...

I visited your Etsy shop as soon as I returned home from vacation. I love the new items. The mermaid looks like Bette Midler! I adore the little book boxes. Hard to resist...especially when I have two parakeets (Alfred and Tippy) squawking in the background.