Thursday, June 26, 2008

what a THRILL

my clock was just on
FRONT page of Etsy !

The hand picked
part .

This was what was there for FIVE minutes.

My Crabby cat clock.

I could cry . I did .

Maybe you remember that Crabby
was a cat I took care of . He died 6 months ago . I chose him as my avatar becuase his face had this expression all the time . . The day after he died a big painting I had done of him sold . He was a stray cat. I couldn't pet him . I felt bad that I didn't do more for him .
I made him a house outside and fed him and talked with him . He gave me " love blinks "

SO he did it again . I think he sends me love. Crabby ...... oh .... STOP crying .

anyway ... I always wondered how one gets HAND PICKED . I finally got there
Thanks Crabby . Thanks Etsy

I got about 95 looks in 5 minutes and a few hearts . I don't feel lost now in the sea of etsy .


I added about seven new items to etsy today

I hope you will take a look . I might post a few here later . Right now I have to go fry sausages
[ or something ] I hate cooking .


sMacThoughts said...

WHOO-HOO!! Congratulations to you, and thank you to the wonderful spirit of Crabby. I love the story of him. he is a star. I will check out your new shop items now!

Archie and Melissa said...

Hi Sandy
Your love and bond with Crabby really shows through in your words and wonderful painting of him. It really spoke to me. I found you on Etsy. I am so glad we have met.:)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you both so much !

La Fiancée disparue said...

Lovely story...



Cathy said...

Congrats on your minutes of fame on the front page of Etsy Sandy. That is really great.

The story of Crabby is lovely and he looks brilliant as your avatar.

headwrapper said...

I believe what you say about this being like a sign of him sending you love. The love is inside and it because it is so strong it pours over into the outside world too from time to time (or something like that). Thanks for caring so well for him. You made him a house, Wow.

Beverly Kaye said...

You are so modest! I had no idea you and Crabby Cat were on the cover of ETSY! You were so good to that little critter......he was so fortunate to have found a home on your porch. You were his port in a storm.
Love your ACEO ladies! Great idea!