Thursday, June 19, 2008

Always and Forever

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Diana said...

You have me smiling.

I wish I knew your thought processes. But maybe I like it better this way. It's easy to put you in different molds, depending upon your latest creations.

I am wondering if you've read my favorite book in the whole world? Not that it has anything to do with this image, but I've been wondering. It's called, "Geek Love." I can't help it; you remind me of my favorite character. Tell me if you haven't read it, and I'll send you a copy. You simply must read it. And I would just about die to know if you'll be inspired to paint some images after reading it. Although I'm kind of afraid, too. If you did paint based on scenes from the story, I would have to buy them even if you charged an arm and a leg. That's just how it would have to go.

I've had two dreams about you recently. In one of them (the one I remember) you were trying to communicate to me by handing me an illustration. The drawing scared the spirit out of me. It was a series of honeycombs, and it didn't mean anything but it was absolutely terrifying. I woke up gasping.

This is what happens when I read your blog before I go to sleep. Not that it's stopping me.

If you're still lost, I hope you'll paint your way out very soon. I miss you and owe you some stories.