Friday, June 6, 2008

Melancholy Rose.... sold

Melancholy Rose is a pen and ink with
acrylic washes .
on an 8 x 11 , 3/4 " board .

She will be going on Etsy
soon .


Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Sandy! That is such a cool new piece. I love the tonal quality you always achieve in your work. There is something about it that is so unique and beautiful.

Theresa said...

I agree with Abby Creek... there's something so unique and beautiful about all your pieces. :) Your body of work is amazing... so keep posting paintings old and new... they're good eye candy!!!!



La Fiancée disparue said...

Hey Sandy... I love your blog, and I had some catching up to do, because I have been super busy. But I loved catching up. Your blog is great, and your art rules.

This painting weakens my heart... it's my favorite so far ♥.


Tara's Art Camp said...

I just stopped by to say hello. I love your work and blog. I'll be back.


Little Blue Violet said...

Love it !