Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kitty in a nice house [ acrylic painting ]

I painted this a while back , maybe a year or two ago .
First I painted the board a solid black , and then I painted glaze after glaze of color . Who knows how many layers I painted , but it does make the colors rich and deep .
I have to paint like this again
Sometimes I forget techniques I used and I forget how much fun it was , I do remember it took forever to paint.

recently .... someone told me this is a REAL technique ! I didn't know that, and I forgot the name of this technique .
Do you know ? Tell me if you do !
This is for sale . eventually I will get all these paintings in my Etsy shop ... but it's too hot so I keep procrastinating

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canngil said...

I have only heard it called glazing, but then I am such a newby at this!
very lush colors! sorry to hear about the heat; we are supposed to get hit hard with it here in CA after the 4th...something happy to think about. The worse thing is I know that my thriving sweet peas will hit the dust very quickly as the temp rises.