Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mobile, angel heart.......sold

Ronnie sent me some lace , and some eyelet material..... thank you Ronnie
so I made an angel mobile . I like to go from SCARY to sweet . I think this is sweet although she [ the angel ] still looks a little nutty
I love to just hand stitch little things sometimes ... a nice break from painting
Her wings are wired with pearls and buttons
you can click the first photo to see it large
in my shop


Cathy said...

Hi Sandy. You are being very productive and creative as always. Love the angel mobile. Congrats on selling that cute Miss October Kitty so quickly. People are just waiting to snatch up your things..haha. Have a great week.

Ronnie said...

My hand-me-downs...
plus your talent...makes for a beautiful result! She's lovely Sandy. The wings are really nice. The buttons and beads are like the spinning electrons of an atom!
That box of cut-out girls in your shop is GREAT!
Keep spreading the joy through your art, Sandy!
Oh, Julie LOVED her kitty in a dress! You have a new fan.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Cathy and Ronnie !

Cindi Myers said...

Oh wow, you really do swing back and forth between cute and scary!
I love the idea of the angel being a mobile and her wings are very cool! I was looking at your shop and your spooky art doll girl SPOOKS me out so bad I can't hardly look at her!
(but of course I do, over and over again...SCARY!!!!)