Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My kitchen window.. click to enlarge

I finally painted my kitchen window [ a blue green ] , and then I made a valance using vintage handkerchiefs
My inspiration came from the Flickr photo below . Mine isn't quite as nice .and I just couldn't get a good photo .
but I'm still happy with it
The little lamb cup holds little baby dolls that I bought at Stratford Antique Center
I needed to take a break from Etsy ... I swear Etsy consumes my mind and time . I used to spend time fixing up my house , but now I get anxious .... thinking " oh , I should be working , I should be taking photos and listing on Etsy "
I need to get back into my house , I need to get back into reading and going outside [ especially now since it is cooler ]
OH >>> and I made a quilt ! My very first quilt . It's nothing really special , I just stitched 5 inch squares together , but it makes me happy . I didn't even take a photo of it , maybe I will soon ..... Juliette loves to sleep on it .
so >>>> now I need to paint the kitchen cabinets , but that will be a big job
Just wondering > Does Etsy consume you ? Do you look for hearts and sales ????
Are you always thinking you will come up with that ONE item that a thousand people will buy ?
Etsy is like gambling ..... Come on Etsy , Baby needs a new pair of shoes

P.S>. Don't forget to enlarge the photo and THEN click again > to get even closer !


Ronnie said...

Lord have mercy, Sandy. I must be channeling you, whatever that means. Anyway, I've been exactly this way for days. Not especially about Etsy, but just can't seem to find any balance...worrying about what my priorities are. It's nice to know someone else struggles like this.
Your window looks lovely. You've created a nice place to be.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Priorities ... exactly

Lydia said...

Nice window painting job. Enjoy!

canngil said...

Lovely window! looks very pretty!

It is hard to juggle all we want to do. Just not enough time or energy for all the ideas and possibilities!
I get to the weekend, and I need a full day to rest to try to get things done at home, and then get a chance to try to create. so frustrating...so do what you know you have to do for yourself and your husband to be happy!

Unknown said...


Theresa said...

The window looks great!!!!