Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paper doll for Halloween

in my shop !


Lydia said...

She is darling!

I made Peter Pan and Hook for Serge when he went into the hospital when he was 1st diagnosed w/acute asthma. I'll have to post them sometime.

Love your paper dolls!

OK- I am told that any Pole will know about Vyecheslav ?(forgotten his last name-Russian sounding) statue in NYC. How everyone goes to take pictures with their arms crossed in symbolization of fighting and beating the Teutonic takeover.Do you know of the statue?

Lydia said...

Please forgive my previous improper blogging etiquette,digressing from the post.

Sandy Mastroni said...

ha ha LYDIA
it's okay
I don't know about the statue
I don't know much about my Polish heritage either...
when I was little mother taught me a few words and things to say in Polish
one being > I am a doll
Ya yest lalka
that's all I know
I wish I knew more

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Sandy that is just the cutest have a fabulous imagination! Love it!
Tina xo

Cindi Myers said...

you just do the BEST faces!
I love how her arms and legs move!
xoxo- cindi

Priti Lisa said...

Little Miss Piggy Pumpkin!
A pumpkin with ears, I love it :)

canngil said...

My grandparents taught me a few words of Serbian when I was little; unfortunately, they were not very nice words,and I got in trouble when I repeated them in front of company...

Ayala Art said...

So cute! And the story about your mom is cute too. I call my daughter that all the time Xo)

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks for your comments !
you're all LALKAS [ dolls ] ...... ha ha