Saturday, April 17, 2010

Julie Julie Julie won the giveaway

Julie Julie Julie do ya love me
Who sang that song ?
I just looked it up ... ha
If you remember > then you are OLD like me !
so Jerry picked Julie's name and Isabella will be going to her house !

Julie has a wonderful blog
visit her here

Thank you .... EVERYONE !!!!!!!


Susan said...

I remembered the song,(I'm an oldie) but had to look it up. Congrats Julie!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm NOT going to look it up!
It was Bobby Sherman and he was in the show "Here comes the Brides!" and I bought every TIGER BEAT that had him on the cover. I had his album and I went his concert! He was going to be my husband when I grew up!
(So I guess that makes me REALLY old! LOL!)

Cindi Myers said...

OOPS! I got so excited about Bobby Sherman that I forgot to say Congrats to Julie - Congrats!

Mary Bullock said...

Congratulations Julie!

Julie Fillo said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!!! Oh man! I am SO HAPPY!!! happy, happy happy!!! Thank you Sandy, OMG!!!!
I have never won anything like this!! Oh I am shaking!
Stinking Bobby Sherman, that song has been the bane of my existence, people STILL sing it to me all the time, but I will NEVER mind again, because it will always remind me of winning this amazing Isabella from Sandy! Thank you, Thank you!


canngil said...

"You can find your own true love
in Seattle,
You can tell by the look in her

cant remember the rest of the lyrics, but they were pretty darned good as those things go.
I think Mark Leonard was Aaron, the good looking bad guy. Remember who he grew up to be??? Spock's Father, Sarak, in Star Trek!!
congrats, Julie, sniff, sniff...

Cindi Myers said...

here ya go canngil:

I just saw a photo of him the other day...he's a cop in California!....sigh.

Beverly said...

I'm so jealous. But, in a good way. My friend won. I really love this little girl. She's sooo cute.

Congratulations Julie

suze said...

Congrats to Julie! Lucky girl.
I know someone who claims to be a distant cousin of Bobby Shermans.

Priti Lisa said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky.
Congrats Julie

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Lucky Julie! Isabella is darling.