Thursday, April 29, 2010

Isabella's house

I've wanted to make houses for such a long time !
Today I made one for Isabella .
I took a break from cleaning .
see the house in my shop !


Cindi Myers said...

I LOVE the house
and I love Isabella.
Somehow I had imagined her in a tall kinda creepy Victorian...
this is much nicer.

Meg Mitchell said...

It's much more fun to make a house than clean one. And this new little house will be a very popular addition to the rest of your work. said...

Very cute house! It looks like just the house for her. Do you have any published children's books?

Smushie Ranch said...

We're with the Old Black Cat Boo.. (alien) shhhh.... We love the house and Isabella, but we imagined her in a darker more brooding house. Either way, we'd have fun messing up any ole house!

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Cathy said...

Gorgeous house. I want to live there...!