Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is how I clean [ click to enlarge , except for the Jerry ones ]

Today > as I was cleaning the basement , under lots of junk I found this velveteen covered chair for "JERRY". So , of course I had to stop and clean it and give it to Jerry with a book for him and take a photo !
Back to cleaning >>> fill up a few more garbage bags [ of probably really good stuff ] .... THEN I find this little rubber cat head and I had to stop cleaning to look for the perfect old bottle to put the head on it, [ and take photos ] , THEN peel some carrots and get a chicken in the oven . This is when I found this 'adorable' photo on my kitchen counter . It's Baby Silas ..... so in the middle of carrots I had to take photos to introduce you to Silas ! Isn't he CUTE !
congratulations Theresa and Brian , welcome Baby Silas !
a little more cleaning > where's Michael ! He's late and the carrots are burnt and the chicken is dried out
ah ..... what a day
P.S. yes ... I painted that little cupboard thing a long time ago , the flowers too .
and no I have not gotten around to painting my new window which is now 5 months old .
Is this how you clean ? Is this the artist's way to clean ? Please tell me you do this too ! I get distracted and inspired while I clean ..... ha ha . Michael has not noticed because there is still so much for me to do in here .


Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Exactly.

(baby Silas is SO SWEET!)

Julie Fillo said...

As usual, you made me laugh. And yes, that is pretty much how I clean, but oh my god, Jerry's eyes are so scary! And that cat on the jar is a bit creepy. I love how creepy you are, Sandy.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cindi ! yes ! Silas is a cutie !

and I thank you very much Julie ... Jerry sends his love and cat head says hello !

Meg Mitchell said...

Cleaning up is not sooooooo bad once you get yourself into it because you do find some very interesting treasures where you least expect to find them. Kind of like being on an expedition. Happy treasure hunting.

Smushie Ranch said...

Hi Sandy! We went to an antique fair today. It made me think of you. The funniest thing, Country Living Magazine was there and they took so many pictures of the smushfaces in front of the antiques.. LOL!

We hope you have a nice weekend too!

Shannon and the Gang

Janine said...

That sounds like how I go about cleaning Sandy! LOL! said...

Jerry looks pretty happy with himself in that chair! And Silas is adorable.

Theresa said...

Aunt Sandy you're such a sweetie pie for sharing our wonderful news....we feel so honored that you'd post a photo of our sweet baby boy. :0)

Priti Lisa said...

EXACTLY how I 'clean'
Although I hardly ever get to the actual cleaning...more like sifting though junk and discovering
treasures that surely need rescuing

Sweet REAL baby head. too cute

Lydia said...

I also notice your Miss Revlon doll head on the shelf.

Yes, cleaning can be so distracting. I wantto do everything, artwork wise, then have to think reasonably, and let go.:)

I have'nt forgotten the doll .

JennyTheArtist said...

Your style is SO much like mine, except yours is more of what I want to be (more grown-up-y ?)... hmmm.... i wish we lived closer together, we could shop for old dolls and paint together and inspire each other and bake cupcakes... your blog is fantastic!

sMacThoughts said...

Jeepers Sandy, you have a great house!! Yes, I am JUST like you.... always getting sidetracked!