Monday, January 4, 2010

Our house is pretty old ... built in the early 40's . A cape cod . Fifteen years ago I was so excited because we replaced all the old wood windows [ that didn't open ] ....... How was I to know that 15 years later they would all be bad again .... you know ... fogged up so I can't see outside and these don't open or close now .... so I'm right back where I was ... [ frustrated ]............ well , now .... ah .... I find this very depressing . ...The window over our kitchen sink was the worst , ready to fall out of the house . We spent a little extra to have this one replaced with a boxed out garden type of window . I have to paint it ... I have to think of what to do with it to make it pretty , but I love it . I don't have a dishwasher , but I don't mind washing dishes and looking out on my backyard ....[ which needs a lot of work too .... ha ha ] but I remember to look at just the beauty of the trees and the sky . The heavens declare the glory of God .
I thought I would show you my new BIG window over my sink.
I just have to live with the other fogged up windows ..... it reminds me of that last scene in "It's a Wonderful Life ." You know where the that wood thing comes off the staircase and Jimmy Stewart doesn't mind ... I think he even says he loves it ! I still love our cozy little house with all it's flaws [ some serious , some not ]
Just curious > Tell me what you put up with in your house that you wish SO much you could get fixed ????? I'm just being nosey .[ as my mother would say ]


Mary Bullock said...

Hmmmmmmm - good question! We just bought our home last year - it is old too - built in 1870. It has so much that needs to be done to it - but I love it!! It holds so much history, so many lifes and loves within it's walls. I don't know if I would change anything. Ok, so I would finish off the attached barn so I could use it as my studio.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Mary ... would love to see a few photos of your 1870 house !
and a studio barn sounds wonderful

Lydia said...

Love the view out your window!

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest photo... the view is to die for. My house is old, cranky, drafty, crooked, lumpy, will never be finished, and I love it. It's my home, my favorite place, is always there when I need it. xx

Unknown said...

I love the big windowsill, it reminds me of the English cottages I love so much with their deep windowsills. And I must say that the lace curtain is SO lovely!

The Tiquehunters Wife said...

Hi Sandy,
A lovely view from a lovely window!

We have been living in the new cabin for a year and 7 months now.
Before that we lived in the original Teeny Tiny Cabin for two years. The TTC is an old 1940's hunting cabin and very tiny. Not being built very well, it began to show its age and we began to realize it was not worth restoring or adding on to.
The new cabin began life as a workshop and storage area for our inventory (antiques). After much thinking and praying we decided to convert this building into a home.
It took us a year to finish it, my dear husband was battling an illness at the time, yet the Lord gave him the strength to get through it. Its not fancy or special, but we tried to make the most of the space we had, and designed it to be open and roomy-a place where our friends and family could gather and feel at home, where our grandkids could hang out and dogs and cats are always welcome. The cabin could have used a little more light (bigger windows), in the front of the building, but it has wonderful, big windows across the back, looking into the piney woods!
Its a comfortable home, in the lovely woods, and I'm very thankful for it!
With Love from the Cabin,
Claudia O.

Theresa said...

Sandy the window is lovely... it was so worth the money. I don't have a window in my kitchen sometimes I wish I did(the kitchen is in the center of the house).



Cindi Myers said...

My house is small and very tall. It was built in the 1930's and just a year ago I finally got all new windows and so far they have been great! I can actually sit next to one and not feel the wind! LOL! What would I fix? The roof over the bathroom has some rotten wood and the gutter or soffit or whatever that is, is starting to come off. I HAVE to get in fixed next spring and my "dream" would be to have them cut a hole in the roof and install a skylight window. It would be directly over my cast iron tub and no one could see in because my house is SO TALL and then I could relax in the tub at night and gaze up at the moon! I'm sure that will be too expensive but I'm going to have it priced anyway just to see!