Sunday, January 31, 2010

seashell Valentine heart

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thanks for all your comments on my last post .....
Doll head
Yes > I want to paint more scary doll faces !!!!
yes .... I did watch the Addams Family
and Officer Joe and the Three Stooges
[ every day after school ]
what did you watch after school ?


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I'm so old that I watched Dark Shadows. But I had to go to my friend Jennifer's house because we didn't have a TV. And then, I couldn't tell that I'd done it because it was FORBIDDEN to watch it. That made it all the more important to do!

Cotton Picker said...

When I was a very little kid, before we had a TV, I used to go to my friend's house and watch "I Love Lucy" (it was already in daily reruns then). In high school, I raced home every day to watch the soap "The Edge of Night."
That was the best soap opera ever.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I watched The Edge of Night too !
and .....I love Lucy show
didn't watch Dark Shadows

Cindi Myers said...

YES! Dark Shadows! at 3:00pm I think! LOL!
Me and my sister and all the neighborhood girls even went to the one and only "Dark Shadow Movie"!

Anonymous said...

The Banana Splits!

Susan said...

For some reason I don't remember what I watched after school. I loved to get up early on Saturdays and watch cartoons, though. We only got two channels, so we didn't get to see the ABC shows. These days with hundreds of channels, I'll still stop and watch cartoons.