Monday, January 18, 2010

Fried Eggs for Breakfast cat painting.... sold

" I need a fork Ma "

That's what I think this cat is saying .
What do you think the story is ?

It's in my shop !
yay... just sold
thank you Cathy


Lydia said...

Haha- I know who's up late:) Waiting for my blankets to dry.

I think that he's in a diner and wants to be polite- or at home and waiting for the fork:)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

And he looks thrilled...perhaps it's a Monday?

He (She) is adorable!

Janine said...

I love it and think it should fit well into a book for children! Big grin here!

Cotton Picker said...

Very sweet. :)

Ronnie said...

This is so sweet, Sandi.
Eating without a fork is so much more fun.

suze said...

He thinks his plate is staring at him? No, he is waiting for some bacon!

canngil said...

waiting with baited breath. And he was purchased by a children's librarian who loves picture books!
can hardly wait for his arrival!

Anonymous said...

You paint cats beautifully!

canngil said...

I am delighted with my new cat!! it was like opening up a surprise birthday present when it wasnt my birthday! Just adorable, and cant decide if i should hang in dining room or bedroom! very happy camper!

Sophie שרה Golden said...

I loved this painting, it definitely suits with my mood. Great work.