Monday, November 9, 2009

about the hutch

I want to tell you the story of the hutch ... [ photos below ] ...........

My friend ,Clem , gave me the bottom part . I LOVED it , [ the drawers !!!! ] but it was painted a horrible ugly brown so I painted it green
Then we went in my basement and found my mother's old Ethan Allen shelf. It was an open wall shelf thing , so Clem added a plywood backing and I painted it green . He attached it to the bureau .
A MOST wonderful thing happened when I sanded the edges ..... UNDER the BROWN paint was >>>>> PINK !
I was so delighted [ yes , delighted ]
SO ...... if you have any old pieces , see if you can 'marry ' them . You might come up with something really unique .

On the hutch > I sculpted the mermaid on the shell , painted the flying bird painting and sculpted the lady fun jar.
See the rainbows on the walls ? I have lots of crystals hanging in the windows so there are colors dancing on my walls
I drew the girl doll pulling a duck toy [ on the wall framed ]
There is a Humpty Dumpty that I made and the button bouquet too

I painted the mermaids painting on the wall too ..... and you may remember PeePee Boy.
I didn't make him ...... I found him at an antique store and traded with the seller . [ a painting of his choice for PeePee boy .] [that's what HE calls him .... so that's his name !

Finally > I made the curtains from an old tablecloth and old bureau scarf .
I know .... I posted a lot . I am trying to fix things up a little in my house , and DUST too . and enjoy the things I have .


Theresa said...

Sandy all of your goodies are wonderful... you should enjoy them.... each one is a treasure to my eyes. :) Everything is such great eye candy. :)



NanaBeast said...

The story of the hutch is great. Oh, how I wish I had some furniture to "marry" together like this. Humpty Dumpty is fabulous! As is the button bouquet - especially in that teapot! I have a crystal (only one) to cast rainbows, too. Did you paint the vine, leaves on the wall? Love it.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Theresa !
and Denise ... yes I painted vines on the wall [ free hand ]
Leave it to you to notice that !

Lydia said...

Great fun to hear about everything:)

Love all your little ditties. I do love marrying pieces. Such a great feeling when 2 pieces just happen to fit and look so great.

Lara gave me an early gift of a chest w/shelves from the 1800's. I think it is the piece that my friend Jenny told me about...right before she died. I was drawn to it. I think that she led me there. It is in my kitchen getting cleaned up. I am inspired to create art w/it around! I get ready for a show and my home show.

xo Lydia

suze said...

Nice story. I love old furniture. The pink would have excited me too!

Sue said...

Love it all! The mermaid picture is great!

Cathy said...

Really enjoyed my tour of your lovely treasure Sandy. You have so many beautiful things. I love the pink peeping through the bluey green. I particularly love your mermaids. That has inspired me to draw another mermaid myself soon.