Tuesday, August 11, 2009

thinking of the fall and Halloween

Oh .... it's a hot night , but I am thinking of the fall when the air is crisp and cool and that's when I am happy !
Here is a Halloween gourd guy that I made .
He's in my Etsy shop now .

His head and arms and legs are made from polymer clay and they move .... I used wire . and old buttons .

the other photo .... he is with other things I have made .
wishing you a cool night !


Cathy said...

Gourd guy is very cute Sandy, as are his fellows in the photo. Sorry to hear you are hot, hot, hot at night. It is very humid here at night...17C although I bet you are miles hotter than that. It is strange because our days are not too hot. I think with England being so damp most of the time, when it is cloudy it holds in the moisture...my theory anyway. Have a great rest of the week.

Lydia said...

Way cool:)

suze said...

Is there no end to what you do Sandy? These are wonderful! (Boss!HA I forgot about that one...you cracked me up yesterday)
We are far from a cool night...my AC bill was $300.00 last month!

Theresa said...

Oh your pumpkin apple guys is cute!!! He makes me want to poke his tummy to see if he giggles. :) Yes, We are hot too... and the rain... when will it stop I ask. The yard is starting to look like a jungle. I guess tomorrow we will mow it even if it is a bit soggy.

Susan said...

Gourdo is quite cute. I keep my AC on 68, so it's always cool in my crib. We will be wishing for warmth soon enough. I agree with Theresa, my back yard looks so much like a jungle, I thought I saw a monkey, but shucks, it was only a squirrel.

NanaBeast said...

Me, too! Can't wait for the cool autumn days. I am getting anxious for the colors, angle of light and fall haze that comes only at that time of year. As you know, I go into Major Meltdown in the heat and we in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing the hottest summer on record. Dry too, 68 days without rain!

Halloween gourd guy is so engaging, he looks ready for a sparkling conversation-using his moveable hands, of course. So wonderful. As is the guy with the two red birds! I just LOVE the black cat and two festive gourds in the shadow box. So Halloween-ee!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh, I can't wait for Halloween weather! Our air conditioning went out yesterday and I've felt like a baking pumpkin all day long!
I love your gourd guy.

sMacThoughts said...

Oh my gosh, Sandy, they are all so wonderful. Gosh the Frankenstein looks like someone I know!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks Everybody !
I just realized that my 'Frankenstein" guy looks like the guy in my banner
Never saw that before !