Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hi everyone !
I'm finally doing another giveaway on this lovely hot , sticky August night .
This is a clock that I made .... a functional wall clock
PLEASE tell your friends and
Please leave your name in the comments .
I'll do a drawing with Jerry in a few days . [ over the weekend ]


canngil said...

love your faces!!! I have your rabbit boy framed in my bedroom, and would love to add a clock too!
keep trying Facebook, it can be fun and very absorbing!

Cindy Wills said...

Your journal is one of a select few I check before I retire each night. Wonderful work.

suze said...

I check in on you every day too, so I don't miss this groovy clock! Did I say groovy? I was playing the music from Hair earlier...must have sunk in. Anyway, that clock would look perfect in my studio!
Tell Jerry I am sorry I thought he was scary.

Anonymous said...

sandy, you generous girl! wonderfully cute clock. you have been very busy lately. inspiring me. big hug, deborah

Priti Lisa said...

How can you be so generous??
She is all that lovely, quirky-ness
that I love about your art!

thebabykitties said...

you are so talented! Keep up the good work! (I know you will)

Susan said...

This is beautiful. Is it a self portrait? No matter what they say, you're a "keeper"!

Theresa said...

You know I love your goodies so sign me up and I'll cross my fingers that I win. :)



GreenErica said...

OH! Put me in please! I was JUST saying that I'm lovin' your clocks!


Nathan's Hangout said...

Count me in. I Love your stuff.
Debbie Miller
(Will post for my friends to see your blog also)

lyn5 said...

Hi, Sandy,
I can't wait for the Serious Bunny to arrive!