Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guy flies

I'm so tired of taking photos for Etsy !
I've been doing it ALL day ....
I put quite a few Halloween things in my shop
[ one thing already sold ... thank you Rachel !]

so please take a look in my shop

I'll be playing with this doll I made


Priti Lisa said...

Your imagination is enviable.
Every time I read your blog, you are busy creating something fresh, new and fun.
What an inspiration you are!
xox, Lisa

Лаpиca (Larissa) said...

I love this guy. What is his face/head made out of?

(Lydia, on my daughter's signed in blog).

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Lisa !
My problem is I like making too many different things !

Lydia > The face , hands and shoes are polymer clay
I made a wire armature for his body.

Lydia said...

Very cool.

Reminds me of a tie guy that I have been working on for years, even though they look nothing alike:)