Friday, March 27, 2009

ok .... I think I'm having fun

I guess I'm making dolls now . I used to make dolls YEARS ago . Way back in 1974 I scared all my bridesmaids with little bridesmaid's dolls . and now here it is 30 + years later and I'm making dolls again .
I THOUGHT I was going to be painting for galleries . That went well for a while but now the galleries are quiet............ so .......Thank you Lord for Etsy . and Thank you Lord for your guidance.
He is with me .... always encouraging . He is my art rep . [ for sure ]
This is how I make them > I draw out the cat on fabric , sew it up , stuff VERY tightly , paint a few coats of gesso , paint with acrylics, then a coat or two of no gloss polyurethane .
I'm having fun ..... I have no idea what price to put on these four dolls that I've made in the last week or so . I forgot how much work it is to make a doll .
so to all you doll makers > now I remember , now I know

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Susan said...

HE knows best. Thanks for being so humble and sweet and for sharing your process with us. It's funny how we go back to the future, isn't it? I, for one, love it. Take care, Susan