Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jerry oh Jerry

Jerry wanted to be on Etsy .............. so I bought him a new shirt , combed his hair and he is now on Etsy holding two of my pillows . I wonder if he will help make a sale there ! well .... .......I'm thinking he will , so if he's not there ... look in my sold pages !


Susan said...

Jerry looks so handsome, just like a "real boy". Take care, Susan

Sandy Mastroni said...

He's not real ????
yes he is handsome
thank you Susan
that's my boy

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!

oh i love it! jerry is an excellent sales rep!

i love the colored backgrounds on the pillows!


You own a spooky fella like Jerry?? I swear i couldn't sleep if he was in my house :D

Linda O'Neill said...

I love your bird head lady, Sandy...and those pictures of that baby holding your pillows are the best!

Theresa said...

Jerry's so cute with those incredible pillows. :)