Monday, February 9, 2009

Good to be Odd..... for my Etsy shop [ sold ]

One day cute
one day creepy

one day happy
one day crappy

today ....
a little dark

tomorrow I'll be singing

It's good to be odd .


Diane Hoeptner said...

Oh, that makes me smile. Spooky fabulous. You go, girl!

Ronnie said...

This is so horribly good.
Good Grief. I am smitten.

Daphne said...

Drop the inktense and step away from the pillows!!

Just kidding she's so funny! :-)


sMacThoughts said...

As you might be able to imagine, I love this!


I love this pillow :)

Anonymous said...

It is creepy but is sooooo great!!!! I love your stuff ... light and dark. As you know, I can be that way inclined myself!