Friday, February 13, 2009

Cat Inktense .... pillow etsy ....

okay who knew.... people like cats !

My cat pillows are selling well on Etsy
so I made this one today
I just put this in my Etsy shop

I will tell you how I work with Inktense on fabric .
first I drew the cat angel with ink ,
then I colored on [ lightly ] sky blue Inktense . Then use a little water to even it out .
Then Indigo , water, then violet , then some willow , then some bark .
always using a little water between all the different colors . That's it !


Diane Hoeptner said...

It's brilliant, Sandy. Love the wings....

Theresa said...

He's lovely Sandy... such a peaceful face. :)



Tara's Art Camp said...

love these pillows, after you paint them do you put a finish on them?

Anonymous said...

So great!

Ronnie said...

Oh yeah, that's it. La la la. I just hold onto the blue inktense and close my eyes and.....voila!
You can't fool us!
I think it's YOU, Sandy. Not the inktense.
Don't anybody touch the odd pillow.
I'm just letting Sandy live with it for a while.

thebabykitties said...

this has my name on it!