Tuesday, March 24, 2015

three little kittens . three art doll cats ...... by Sandy Mastoni

 This is Christine .... I made a fabric flower for her { with a pearl in the middle } , and she has a necklace too 

This is Linda Lou ....... I made a fabric flower for her too , her dress is linen , lace collar with an old button.

and this is Beatrice ..... painted in off white , old lace at her hemline , with a fabric flower { pearl in center } , lace and old pearl button collar
don't forget to click photos to see larger image


Ellen said...

I LOVE them....if Beatrice is for sale, how much would she be....I am always hoping to be able to buy one of your wonderful cat dolls :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

it's funny you picked her
but I am waiting to hear from my customer friend [Cheryl] in England if she is going to buy her
I sent her here to my blog to choose which of the three she wanted
.... will let you know Ellen !

Ellen said...

Thank you Sandy....