Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painted Dollhouse , Hydrangea Cottage

This is a dollhouse that I painted .

It's called ' Hydrangea Cottage '

All the dolls are at the cottage .

This is Rosie .... peeking out at you .

I painted the sides with trees and ivy

in the living room

 I painted a rug for each room

inside > painted rugs , a little table that I made and a little painting on the wall
This old lady { ME } had so much fun painting the dollhouse and then taking photos .... playing
we all need to play sometimes !
to new visitors > don't forget to click a photo to see it larger


Susan said...

I LOVE it. I just got a book on making beaded dollhouse furniture. So glad you had fun. I always play and have fun. Some think I'm a bit out there, but I enjoy being me. xoxo

Cindi Myers said...

The house is charming and I love the rugs and table.
The family that lives there are a tad bit freaky though, especially the redhead.
Yeah, there's always an odd family in each neighborhood.

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh Cindi Cindi Cindi .... Oh Cindi
ha ha ha

and thank you Susan ..... we're all nuts

Janine said...

Sandy!!!!! How adorable is this!!! You never stop, thank goodness!

Priti Lisa said...

hi Sandy♥
I love-ity, love dollhouses! How much fun! I am so glad you took all of the pictures...(however do you paint a rabbit so small?)
I was here yesterday and was gleefully looking at everything I missed (love that nun too) Then without another thought I skipped over to you etsy...that mysterious woman has been haunting me all day, so, I bought her just now.
And this visit I remembered to let you a comment(sometimes I am just so scatter-brained) Love to you♥♥

Diane Hoeptner said...

So charming I can't STAND it!! Lovely!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks Janine Lisa AND Diane !!!!