Sunday, August 25, 2013

Puzzle art for Etsy

I've decided to part with my Puzzle art lady.     she is in my Etsy shop
She WAS in Miami at the Basel art show , and I WAS going to keep her .... but I decided to try to sell her
so this is all about this piece >  I made a puzzle , which took forever because the pieces were so small , and then instead of finishing the puzzle ... I decided to paint on it , after I painted her I attached her to wood and then I went around all those intricate edges on my scroll saw , sanding and painting all the edges black .
Sometimes I'm even amazed at my patience .
I made this piece a few years ago , so now I look at it and appreciate her in a different way !
She can hang on the wall and cast cool shadows { I raised it up a little in the back }

she's in my shop


LindaSonia said...

Love it a lot!! - whoever purchases will have a great piece!

Cindi Myers said...

is this me?
a big puzzle with pieces missing?

Sandy Mastroni said...

thank you LINDA
and Cindi ..... yes this is you , the lady with the missing pieces , ha ha

irene said...

i love your puzzle idea and the painting as well. i know what you mean about seeing your work afresh after being away.

Sandy Mastroni said...

thank you Irene !

Robin Kent said...

What an honor to have her included in the Basel show! She is worthy of all the attention - much time to sand and piece little sections together. She's certainly not superficial in any way!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks Robin !!!!!!!