Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nun Painting for Etsy [ sold ]

I love this nun peeking at my window
She is in my shop
I painted her on wood .... then cut out on my saw

Mother Gavrilia was the inspiration
I bought a book at a library book sale ..... and her photo was on the cover
I read the book and then I decided to paint her
I'm not catholic ..... I am a born again Christian , but I did enjoy this book
anyone who loves the Lord will enjoy this book . We can all learn a lot from Mother Theresa or Mother Gavrilia
You can see the book cover in my etsy shop
I hope you will go there to read a little more and see more photos

* update * .... she is sold ... thank you !


Ellen said...

Hello Sandy, I'm a born again Christian too, thank you for recommending that book, I am going to order it in from my local library, hopefully, and have always been inspired by Mother Theresa, especially her talks on art which we had on BBC TV here...did you ever get these in the US?.
Always love your work Sandy and will buy a piece one day when I can :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh Thanks so much Ellen
Praise the Lord .... ha ha ..... Praise the Lord !!!!!!!
I don't think I will meet you here on this side...{ since you live so far away from me } .... but I'll meet you in heaven !

no I didn't see that ... I think you might mean another nun ? I don't think it was Mother Theresa
although I can't remember the name of the other nun
I'm not totally sure on this
Maybe someone else will know

Sandy Mastroni said...

I think it's Sister Wendy ? . I think she was the one who went to museums { I think } maybe

Ellen said...

LOL.....thank you Sandy, I meant to say Sister Wendy...I got my nuns all mixed up !!

Sandy Mastroni said...

ha ..... that's funny

canngil said...

Love your Nun! you should do a series of them! Nuns have such character in their faces....would be very cool!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thank you .... and thank you so much for posting on face book
that was so nice of you to do ! ...... thanks

Carole Reid said...

Hey Sandi, I know that coveting is a sin but I am coveting your amazing Nun which is now sold! I'm hoping you might consider doing a nun series in the future...hint, hint! I'm a Christian artist who is finding it really difficult to express this side of me when surrounded by so many anti-God art friends.

When I was a little girl my mom used to threaten me with "stop that, or I'll send you to live with the nuns!" They only lived a few blocks away and I actually would have loved to move in with them for a while! I loved their chanting and singing I'd hear from outside their brick walls.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Carole
I'm actually surprised that this nun sold so quickly
and now I'm so happy ..... I would love to do more nuns
and yea..... I know what you mean , sometimes being a Christian can lead to feeling lonely . But I'll take that kind of loneliness !!! ........ I'm so glad I know Him .

Robin Kent said...

Love your nun! I understand why she sold so fast. A sweet, charitable presence is good to have around. Positive energy in any form. Lucky buyer.