Wednesday, April 3, 2013

painting the kitchen

I've been so busy , busy painting my whole kitchen and hallway too !

For MANY years .....It WAS all whites and beige { shabby chic } , and it was dirty and a MESS !
I needed COLOR .  I NEEDED a big change .
I decided on a color called Botanical Green { Behr paint } and a Martha Stewart pink color { made into Behr paint }
The above photo is over the kitchen table . That's a really big old mirror that makes the kitchen look bigger . I put a shelf under it .

 so the table is here ..... but we don't really use it . It belongs to the cats . How did THAT happen ?
There's two old wicker laundry baskets there , that's where you'll usually find Buddy and Baby Em .

To the left of the mirror I placed my RAT boy . I painted him on wood and cut him out on my saw .
Above him is my Breakfast painting of Wanda the Waitress  .... with her menu and flying fried egg .

 I love my rat boy .

On the other side of the big old mirror is my painting of Adele . It's a Budgie birthday party painting .

This is something I put together years ago .... an old greeting card , fabric background , buttons on the frame .

This is above my pie safe cabinet .
just the top of it ..... I really wanted you to see the peacock feathers and Jesus !

This is the sink area .  That is my garden window over the sink . I LOVE the garden window .
I made the valance from vintage hankies , and the other part is a very old sheer bureau scarf { it has embroidered flowers on it }

This is the the other part of the kitchen , my two room kitchen . The frig , oven and microwave are in here , and the back door .

see that small bookcase ?  The top part is from an old rocking chair . to the right of that book case is the hallway to the bathroom .

 I found this rug on sale at Marshall's for twenty dollars .

and my new Rachel Ray tea kettle .   yeah ..... I went with COLORS !!!!!

It was so hard to take photos . The colors aren't quite true in these photos .
but I love these colors  ..... the colors are bold but soft . Who knew with all this color that it could be so restful !
This was a much needed big change .  It has lifted my spirit . and I thank the Lord BECAUSE ..... it REALLY was God that helped me to do this . HE knew I needed to do this .
God is so good
so paint a room , add some pussy willows and peacock feathers..... some colors , do some cleaning .....
it will make you happy
Paint a room !!!!!! it will lift you up !

thanks for visiting and taking this little tour .

I'll be back again soon
I have more kitchen type of things to tell you about !


canngil said...

Looks lovely, Sandy! Inspiring me to paint, but so much junk to move to find the walls!!! looking forward to more photos as you continue to wield your brush!

Sandy Mastroni said...

YES ..... THAT is the biggest problem .... ALL the Stuff !
I moved all the piles from the kitchen into the dining room
NOW my DINING room is a total mess
a little bit at a time , that's what I keep telling myself

Ellen said...

I am just going to make a start with my bedroom....but SO much to move first...that's why I have left it so long, but looking forward to it...then the kitchen!

I love your colours, art and rooms....they are inspirational, and yes....God knows just what I need too... I need to change things :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Loved seeing what you did with your decor! Fun! Fun! I love the redecorate.

You will not believe who we got to see tonight... AW! He was here for a conference, and he was SO good. Thought of you.



Sandy Mastroni said...

Yeah ... I WANT to keep on working on cleaning and painting rooms , but I'd better get back to Etsy

ANDREW WOMMACK ! >>>> Oh .... I wish I could see and hear him in person

Unknown said...

I LOVE the green, and especially what you've done to the garden window - just beautiful. Your style is right up my street!
Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Julie ! ............ thanks !
It took a lot of courage for me to go from white to color !