Saturday, March 9, 2013

for Etsy .... fancy cat doll

Just finished this Fancy Cat art doll , This one has PINK heels with sequins , pink lipstick AND the Honey West beauty mark
She's in my shop
*** update ....just sold it ****

I've been busy agonizing over painting my kitchen .  For years it's been shabby chic , NOW I am dreaming of colors and I'm going to be very brave and go with some deep rich colors, Bohemian colors !
I've been looking at Pinterest , getting inspired
I'm on Pinterest ...... if you want to see some Bohemian rooms .... visit my Pinterest


Cindi Myers said...

I left you a message over on Pinterest. I think you should paint the walls Hot Pink and have a Turquoise island! I can imagine your Art work on the walls!
Do it!
I'm about to paint my kitchen too.
In Grey. :)
xoxo - Cindi

Sea Angels said...

Love your cat... its the heels xxxx
Spring is by the innocence mission.
Winter is by The Head and the Heart.
Make you mine is by the Clientel.
Now you have to make more cats xxxx
Hugs Lynn xxx