Tuesday, March 6, 2012

two creepy clown dolls in my Etsy shop [ both are sold ]

These two have sculpted heads , hands and shoes . The bodies and hats are wool
I'm so behind on everything ! but I finally got to finish these two today and at night watched American Pickers with my husband .
Do you watch it ? I love that show and Pawn Stars too

so .... these are in my shop
have a good week !!!!


yoborobo said...

I love these guys! And I watch both of these shows - Pickers is my favorite. xox Pam

Cindi Myers said...

you know me, I LOVE a creepy clown!
I would get one for my sister but she would hurt him.
I think those shows are on cable.
(I don't have cable)
but those Picker guys have their shop over in LeClaire, just across the river. It's like 20 minutes away. Hmmm, maybe I should visit.

Robin Kent said...

Aren't all clowm creepy? Ha!
Love those show too. They are the ones both of us can agree on, and it validates Jim's collecting habits. Now, if we just knew the connections they have to market them as well, I'd be a lot happier!

Janine said...

Wow! Wonderful!

NanaBeast said...

These two clowns are beautiful. I especially like the peaked, or arched, eyebrows of the one. And the three fingered hands are brilliant!

Susan said...

Love your little pointed headed clowns. We don't watch those shows, we watch Storage Wars, even after we found out that the "treasures" are planted in the lockers for each episode. Bummer.

NanaBeast said...

I watched seven (!) episodes of American Picker yesterday on Netflicks Streaming. All because I remember you mentioning the show here. I'm HOOKED!