Tuesday, March 20, 2012

paper bag floor technique .... on my desk top

I did it Cindi !!!! ......... I don't think Cindi thought I would ever get to this .

I have an old crappy desk , it's where I make my greeting cards . The top was in bad shape .... SO .... I did the paper bag thing and I love it !
you can find detailed directions by google searching > paper bag floors

but ......I don't follow directions . Anyway most of us have done decoupage , and I used to do this technique [ with paper bags ] ... to draw and paint on .
I would mod podge it down on masonite board .... and paint away !
I JUST realized that this is how I painted the cat that you see in these photos !!!
My Red Hat Cat ! ........... I didn't even post this on purpose . I painted this cat a few years ago and now I make greeting cards of her
weird ..... things are weird sometimes

this is how I did the desk >

I sanded the top of the desk , vacuum , then I put a coat of poly on the ugly surface .

Then I tore pieces of brown craft paper [ I had some craft paper [ mailing paper ] or you could use paper bags ] ..... I wet pieces and squeezed out the excess water
don't use scissors

I laid it down with mod podge , push out excess mod podge [ I use a plastic wall paper thing ] , wipe away excess. [you don't need to mod podge the top of the paper.]
I let this dry overnight .

it was fun
after it dried ....I put a coat of poly on .[ low gloss]... let it dry
OR .... if you have no patience [ like me ]....> use your hair dryer

then I wiped on black antique stuff [ that Folk Art medium ], wipe away excess .
then I put more coats of polyurethane on .

I worked on it today [ making greeting cards ] .... and it felt so nice to have a new surface to work on .
we'll see how it holds up !
but , It seems very strong because of the coats of poly.

I like it so much ....one of these days I might do the floor !

Have you ever tried this ? to paint art on it , or for the floor ?
I know it's not a great looking desk , but it looks and feels much better , better than it was !

what do you think Cindi ?
will you do your floors now ?????


Susan said...

I love this technique. I've never tried it, but I want to use it technique on a smaller scale to make a faux leather bangle bracelet. It would also be a good base for a steampunk necklace. It looks really good on all sorts of surfaces. YaY, you done good! I'm motivated to give it a try. Tanky!

Susan said...

What a crazy looking comment. I don't drink. My fingers just got crazy. I hope you got the point. Sheesh.

Cindi Myers said...

You got me! I didn't think you would do it! LOL!
and it looks GREAT!
I'm back to wanting to paint my floors white....but first I need to paint my walls (after I FINALLY decide on the which color)
I think I will do it on a board like you suggested first....and MAYBE do my countertops?!?!??!
Thanks for the motivation and that desk is just AMAZING!
XOXO - Cindi

yoborobo said...

That's brilliant! It looks great! xo Pam

Sandy Mastroni said...

yes Susan ... I agree . It would be great for anything !
it does look like faux leather
Have another drink .... ha ha [ kidding ! ]
Hi Cindi ... You'll be too busy with your garden , but maybe you'll try it in the fall ?
Hi Pam ....THANK YOU Pam

Deb Harvey said...

Great technique! Your desk looks amazing! I have to give this a try. Thank you!

Carole Reid said...

Wowzer, that's a great idea! It looks good! I might try it on my floors. I wonder if it would hold up to foot traffic?

Janine said...

Nice! And so are the cards/drawings on top!

Theresa said...

Great job Sandy it's beautiful. I may have to try this someday. I wonder how it would work on a bathroom floor?

lynne h said...

wow! that's nice, sandy! i've never heard of this before! thank you! (and i agree with janine, i like what's on the table too)


sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh, Sandy, this looks so great!!!