Wednesday, October 5, 2011

strange little cat doll........sold

just sold
do you like this weird one ?

I'm distracted and stressed ... Plumber is here , five guys here ..... putting in a new gas heater
we are switching from oil to gas
I hope this is a smart thing to do
do you have gas heat ? I can get a gas stove now too ...... I hate my stove . [ old electric ]
and I could get a gas dryer now too . Will I like that better too ?
so this is good ... right ?


Nichola said...

I miss gas. We have propane right now and the cost is killing us. I'd give anything to have a gas hook-up again.

NanaBeast said...

Sandy, YES! Gas is so much better than oil. We lived in oil heated homes most of our lives and then bought our first house in 1992. It had gas heat and water tank and the heat was so fast and CLEAN. The air outside is cleaner too and I never realized what an impact that would have on us all. The next house we bought (this one) had a gas stove/oven, too. It is the ceramic top and I LOVE IT! I hope I never have to use lesser one. Relax and let this good thing fill you with His love!

Cindi Myers said...

I have an electric dryer but a gas stove.
The stove makes lovely grilled cheese sandwiches but you have to be careful not to set anything on top of the stove because it gets pretty hot and melts stuff and could cause a fire...and the stupid broiler...maybe it's just me but the one time I tried to use it, flames flew out from the grease of the burgers and set off all the fire alarms in the house...
but the oven cooks yummy pizza!

(love the strange cat)
:) - Cindi

Anonymous said...

I *adore* our gas stove. If we move in the future, that's on the wish list for the next house. ...I don't know if we have a gas dryer or not, or whether that makes as much of a difference. But having flame instead of red coils... that's awesome. You'll love it!