Friday, October 7, 2011

new cat doll and new gas heater

new cat art doll in my shop !........ [ sold ]
and Here is our new gas heater .... SO many pipes !
The last three days have been so stressful .... lots of noise , lots of guys here working
The real stress was my four cats . They were not happy about all this
Cats just hate closed doors !!!!!
and then .... it was hard for me because I couldn't relax to get any work done
It's all done . THANK YOU for your comments . I'm already happy with this heater ... it's QUIET
Our old old oil furnace was so noisy !!!!
do you have any more advice on gas dryers .... and/or gas stoves ?


canngil said...

Just that we couldn't live without them out here!! Glad you are happy with it.

Robin Kent said...

Love my gas stove. Cooking with fire!
Glad the kitties have their territory back. No closed door is safe with 4 cats.

Theresa Plas said...

Adorable fur baby you've created - love your style! Enjoy your latest remodeling project too;)

Priti Lisa said...

I have been a terrible blogger. You are still my most favorite artist. And I have a gas furnace. And no advice. And Love.
For you and your handmade babies.

jerilanders said...

My Gosh, that heater looks like its ready for take-off... 4, 3, 2, 1!!!! I am glad it keeps you warm, although it is a bit intimidating.

I am seriously in love with mr. orange tabby, above. I think I shall go give him another peek.

Ellen said...

Hello Sandy,
I can now read Sea Angels again
and love your kitties :)