Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A girl cat for Etsy

Today I made a big girl cat doll . She wears a crocheted [ doily ] sweater .
she is in my shop .

and I went to the post office and I went for groceries and I made a pumpkin pie and I ate a lot of pumpkin pie
it was a LITTLE cooler today , and I saw some trees starting to change color
hope you had a good day !!!


Nichola said...

I love her! She's the bees knees. When I win the lottery and have loads of dosh I'm going to buy lots of candy and all your dollies.

Sue said...

She is so sweet!

Cindi Myers said...

with Cool Whip on top?

Robin Kent said...

Yup- the colors here are peaking. I love pumpkin pie (and others.) Going to be a hard holiday season keeping the portion sizes reasonable.
(Maybe this kitty should be called Pumpkin?)