Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vampire girl portrait .... and ... it's RAINING....[ sold ]

I have not felt like talking or blogging ...... but now I'm happy because it's RAINING
oh I love the sound ... it's so un-cheerful to some people but it cheers me up so much, makes me so happy !!!!!!
it's still hot , but that's ok
here is something I made today
in my shop

JUST sold !!! Thank you Lisa !


Cindi Myers said...


I love it when it rains too.

Cindi Myers said...


I love it when it rains too.

Cindi Myers said...

i hate blogger sometimes.

Georgina said...

Hahahahahaha, Cindi!!! You've made my day!! Love the portrait Sandy...what great work!!

Hope you enjoy the rain. It looks ominous outside right now, but nothing will happen...just likes to make a lot of noise, but no action....kind of like our Congress!! LOL

Susan said...

I love her and how she is framed. Ahhh, sweet summer rain. A reason to stay inside. Send it our way,if you please.

lynne h said...

i am smiling at the thought of the rain making you happy... : )

and i dearly love vampire girl...


Robin Kent said...

Her eyes are magical. Is it in relief? What's the media? I love the background too.
My idea of heaven is sleeping in the summer with the cats - windows open listening to a thunderstorm. Rain calms me similar to meditation.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Cindi .... you're the best

Thanks to everyone
Happy to say she just sold

Yes .... it is raised from the background , I put the drawing on cardboard , cut it out .... placed it on the original piece of corrugated cardboard
I love the old metal frames
the back is that old suede material

Cromeola said...

Oh my gosh I love this so!