Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens magazine and a give away

well .... Here it is !!!
my snowman hearts are in this Better Homes and Gardens special interest magazine ... click to enlarge
it's in stores NOW , I found the magazine in my grocery store !

I meant to write about this last week but .... Irene the Hurricane distracted me .
Thank God .... we are fine , our house is okay !
But parts of Connecticut had real serious damage . Hope you got through this storm okay !

so .......... I want to say that Etsy and blog people are WONDERFUL !!!
I would not have known the magazine was even out in the stores if it wasn't for JAN in Texas !
I didn't even know her but she was so nice to write to me and say "congratulations .... your work looks great in the magazine "
you know I'm a recluse , a hermit ..... an anti social artist nut ...... so if it wasn't for Jan I would have missed seeing my work published in this magazine
so THANK YOU Jan .... everyone say Thank you JAN
visit Jan's etsy shop .... she makes wonderful art , you will love her dolls

Finally > because of all this excitement I am doing a give away of one .... no TWO snowman hearts
Jerry and I will pick TWO names

oh ... one more thing . a funny weird thing . I never know what people will like [ stuff that I make ] .... what "I" like ... well .... some people don't
They asked me for Three snowman hearts . They published two ,,,, they didn't include MY favorite one .
but here .... on my blog .... I'm giving away two of MY favorite snowman hearts

just want to thank the people at Better Homes and Gardens .... VERY nice people.

leave your name , and/or a comment
and we will pick two names SOON .
can't tell you what day right now .... but it will be soon

Bye !


tina kirk said...

Sandy, I will get a copy of the magazine when I see it! So glad for you! You are one of my favorite artists. Throw my name in the hat please for your give-away!

canngil said...

EEK gotta go find it in my bedroom! UI bought it cause it has some really cute stuff, but I hadn't caught your snowmen yet!!
congrats again!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

How cool is that? The snowmen are fabulous. Congratulations!

Hen House Studio said...

You go girl!!! Congratulations, what an honor...but your work deserves this kind of publishing.

Meg Mitchell said...

Yea Sandy ... the honor couldn't go to a more fun and capable artist. Can't wait to see the little guys.

yoborobo said...

Sandy! I saw this at Michael's and it was all I could do not to tell the checker "I know her!". haha! It's a gorgeous layout - congrats! And please put my name in the magic hat! xox

JDConwell said...

Don't put me in the giveaway, I just wanted to say WOOT! :~)

Janine said...

Sandy, congratulations! Wonderful ornaments! Will look for the magazine!

Susan said...

Congrats again gal. Glad to know I'm not the only hermit around. If I didn't make myself go to the gym and an occasional trip to the store, I'd have no social skills whatsoever. Toss my name in the hat and tell Jerry I'll give him a kiss if he picks me. Take care and way to go!

Anonymous said...

Yes... I love your snowmen! I would love to have one of the "give away" snowmen. I purchased some snowmen for myself but would love to have one to give as a gift. Looking this week for the magazine!

Julie McDermott

Cindi Myers said...

This is so exciting! They closed the "Borders" here so I will have to venture elsewhere to find the magazine. (being the hermit I am, I hate going to the MALL, but for you, my dear one, I will if I must!)
I'm so happy for you, this is just the coolest.
Hmmm, I would love to know what the snowman heart looked like that they didn't pick! (did it have vampire teeth?)tee hee
I'm off to check out Jan's shop and see what she has over there! :)
XOXO - Cindi

canngil said...

OBC Boo---I got my copy at Walmart, so perhaps you won't need to go so far to find one!

Robin Kent said...

So wonderful! Now that's the kind of thing that can keep you buoyed for the rest of the year! Way to go, my famous friend!

Theresa said...

Sandy it's been forever since I posted a comment on your blog...but I couldn't miss a chance to win one of your hearts. I know I could make my own but it just wouldn't be the same. Congratulations again my dear friend!!!

GreenErica said...

OOOH! Going to buy it!!! Congrats!!

theshopsisters said...

I get this magazine in the mail, but I can't wait, I am going to go buy it now!!! I LOVE these little guys. Oh, and THANK YOU JAN! ha

bo betsy said...

aaack! SO excited for YOU!!!!!! too fun!! (and i love that you didn't know about it till someone - jan - clued you in! if my mom hadn't called me the day before i got the note from you -- i wouldn't have even known there was a hurricane on it's way! thank heavens there are people who care enough to fill us in on the important details! ;)) gotta get out and buy a magazine! you are a delight -- so happy for you!

Diane Hoeptner said...

Sandy, ohemgeeee you hermit know how goddess!! Congratulations on the freakin' awesome article in Better Homes & Gardens!! I was looking forward to seeing it and now it finally got published, yaaaay!!