Thursday, July 7, 2011

cute to creepy , back and forth

click to enlarge .... these are big photos

I have this odd pattern . I make a bunch of cute things and then something really weird comes out of me
so this is a clown that I painted on wood , cut him out on my scroll saw and made a stand for him
a polka dot stand
or he could be hung on the wall without the stand
Spooky Dude clown

happy Thursday to everyone .......!


Janine said...

Sandy the clown is fantastic!

Lydia said...

He's very cool, and very spooky. Yes, Spooky Dude

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

I think he is really cool. We all gotta have a little dark side in us.

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh my...he IS very scary ...but beautiful at the same time! ;-)

Lisahct said...

Have you been watching "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" again????

Carole Reid said...

Clowns are always creepy if you ask me!

vintagesue said...

i like creepy and cute. i love pretty things around me, but i also need something edgy and wierd and opposite from all the prettiness. i think that is normal. it is the yin and yang of good art. i like the clown. he is confrontational. you have magic.
take care

Cathy said...

Oh my, he is SCARY, I am sure there's a spirit lurking in there!

Diane Hoeptner said...

You're so good at both (spooky and cute!)